The ‘Responsible AI’ Lab at York University, led by Dr. Laleh Seyyed-Kalantari, focuses on highlighting and improving the fairness of artificial intelligence (AI) models. Without loss of generality AI in healthcare is one of our main areas of focus. Our goal is to remove barriers toward the trustable deployment of AI models in practice, such that they benefit all users regardless of their membership to different subpopulations of race, age, sex, social-economic status, etc.

Featured Publications

The Lancet Digital Health (November 2022)

AI recognition of patient race in medical imaging: a modelling study

Nature Medicine
(December 2021)

Underdiagnosis bias of artificial intelligence algorithms applied to chest radiographs in under-served patient populations

Featured in Tech. News

Our 'Nature Medicine' paper demonstrating underdiagnosis bias amplification on AI medical image diagnostic tools was featured in the following tech news:

Our 'The Lancet Digital Health' paper on demonstrating AI can detect patient’s race from the medical image was featured in the following tech news among the others:

Lancet Digital Health

April, 2022

We have been interviewed by the editor-in-chief of The Lancet Digital Health journal to recorde a podcast about our race detection paper .

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMED)

May, 2021

I was featured as ‘AI Champions’ in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMED).

Our PSB 2021 conferance paper on demonstrating lack of fairness in disease diagnosis medical image classifiers was featured in: